The Cider ‘ouse Jam Nite @ The Man & Scythe, Bolton.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the fortnightly musical get together known as Cider ‘Ouse Jam Nite in Bolton. Held in our very own Cider House (The Man & Scythe on Churchgate) every 1st & 3rd Wednesday. The Cider ‘ouse Jam Nite is a great way for musicians to get together, learn a new instrument and socialise. The Jam starts at 7pm till 10:30pm and all attendees get a free slice of pizza! It doesn’t matter what style of music you play, everyone is welcome.

I decided to get a few shots of the people who attend, most attend on a regular basis. Young or old, anyone can attend Cider ‘ouse Jam Nite with any instrument. Check out this video I shot and edited to promote the night last year.

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Meanwhile scroll down to see the photographs I took from the night! If you’d like to attend the next Jam Night here is a link to the Facebook page to find out when the next night will be held.

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