Enjoying Autumn: Pet Portraits, Photography and Lassie

Finally the fog has cleared and we can all see clearly again! Went for a beautiful walk to Pendle Hill over the weekend. It was warm, blue skies and the colour was like nothing I’d ever seen before. This Autumn has been no doubt the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because now I am driving and we have visited such a variety of different places? If you haven’t been to Pendle Hill I suggest you go, it’s an easy walk along a well worn path amongst some stunning scenery! To have a little look at the photographs I took on that walk click here.

Yesterday I grabbed a camera and headed for Rivington Pike! I wanted to capture some photographs of my Lassie, I love Portrait Photography especially animals and offer a great deal on Pet Portraits, take a look at my prices here. They can be so challenging to photograph yet extremely rewarding! We parked at Wilder’s Wood car park and headed up to Two Lads Cairn and along the way I captured some lovely shots of her. I have trained her to sit, stay, wait so she tends to make the process very easy but secretly I think she loves to pose!

As you can see…

Lassie my little poser

We carried on up the hill and it became much more foggy, it was such a spooky atmosphere! Lassie wasn’t bothered until we saw shape of a lady and her dog in the distance and she wasn’t too sure what it was! She slowly crept toward them. Eventually she realised it was just another doggy and she ran ahead, slightly relieved!


I love this photograph, may have to get a print of this for my wall, canvas I reckon to take pride of place. It’s so atmospheric I love the Autumnal colour in the foreground too.

Beautiful eyes

And finally this close up of her wet muddy face, doing what she loves best! Galloping through the wet boggy ground then pouncing on me with muddy paws. I love this dog so much and I am glad I have a large catalogue of images of her, that I can treasure forever.

Dogs come and when they have to leave us they leave behind a massive hole in our hearts, we should treasure our time together with them and document their lives through images, and memories. Take a look at my other pet portraits by clicking here.

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