Autumn: A beautiful time to tie the knot

Why are more and more people deciding to ditch the hazy, warm days of summer for a crisp, cool day in Autumn to get married?

Autumn can be a truly magical time in the UK, the trees turn a rich golden brown. A layer of crunchy, frozen dew covers the ground and the sun is low in the sky casting the most beautiful colours across the landscape.

I love photography at this time of year, although most plants and vegetation are coming to the end of their life cycle, to me everything just looks so vibrant. So, photographing a couple who have just tied the knot in Autumn couldn’t make me happier – plus your chosen photographer is more likely to be available as the main wedding ‘season’ comes to a close.

Another bonus for us ladies is when Autumn arrives, the air has lost most of its humidity, meaning no wild hair moments or sweaty make up faces.

I spoke to Danielle about her plan to marry in September 2017, she plans to hold her wedding in a field with a festival, welly wearing theme. Accompanied with fairy lights and gazebo, with open fires and lanterns. I can imagine it now with the most beautiful burnt orange, rich red and shades of green colour scheme!

If you’re planning a wedding for next year why not arrange it around this time of the year and embrace the dramatic seasonal change that is Autumn.

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